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Cinqueterre is bellissima!!!! But it was a very disorganized trip. At one point we were walking in a very long tunnel on a dirty sidewalk with cars driving through. It was difficult to see and I tripped at one point almost faceplanted while a car passed by about 3 feet to my right. Non funzione. But it was super beautiful. I spent most of Sunday laying on the beach taking in the sun…I got a little darker which was nice. There were some really annoying Americans on the beach in front of me from Jersey. I feel like that explains it all lol. It’s been a rough trip so far because we haven’t really had free time or time to sleep but I’m hoping it gets better (and cheaper) 🙂 The gelato is great! The food in general is great quality. When I eat a lot I feel full, but not gross like in America. Class is fun I guess. It’s interesting and I don’t get bored. I’m learning a lot and I’m a little better. LIS is getting easier because now that I know more signs, it’s pretty easy to learn. The grammar is pretty much the same as ASL….i stole this computer so i guess thats all for now



La prima fotografia e’ pan per focaccia. Sceglio perché pensavo che fosse il ristorante davanti a casa mia ma mi sbaglio. E’ il ristorante vicino a mi casa ma non davanti a casa mia. Allora la seconda fotografia e’ “M Cafe” nella via Garibaldi. E’ un cafe elegante. Voglio provare il cafe’ durante questo viaggio.  La terza fotografia e’ la Gelateria Profumo vicino alla scuola. Beth ha detto il gusto cioccalato e’ deliziosa. Lo provero’. La quarta fotografia e’ Il bar e Pasticceria vicino alla porta, quasi. Penso che ha i tavolini fuori ma non so perche’ non ho viso oggi. L’ultima e’ Cafe Orefici vicino la porta. E’ un segno carino ma non so che il cibo bueno perche’ e’ stato chiuso.

Sono Arrivata!!!!


Ciao cari!

Finalamente sono arrivata! Ho dimenticiato il mio caricabatterie di fotocamera. Ho comprato un nuovo caricabatterie ma non penso che sia funzionamento. Forse non avro’ gli imaggini per voi. Mi dispiace. Non ho dormito molti ore. Sono arrivata alle mezzannote e un mezzo e  ho dormito alle due. Sono molto molto stanca!!!!!

voi amo!

Il mio blog


This is my blog about my amazing fantastic trip to Italy. I’ll be updating it periodically so that you guys can see what kind of cool things I’ve been doing. For now I have little to say except 2 more weeks!!!!!! Super excited!! Oh and it will probably be in Italian from here on it just a heads up…don’t freak out…just copy and paste into google translate 😛