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Ho Quasi Finito!


Allora, ho quasi finito questo programma e  vorrei scrivere in italiano per questo post. Ho imparato molte cose nuove e mi piace Italia molta. Il mio italiano e’ molto meglio di prima questo programma. Posso cucinare il cibo italiano e so molte cose della cultura italiana. Ho incontrato molti persone italiane sorde. Posso parlare in LIS anche. Stasera sto andando a uno spettacolo per LIS. Sono contenta sono riuscita incontrare molti persone sorde ma avevo desiderio di incontrare persone italiane. Comunque, sono contenta con i amici in cui ho già incontrato. Posso parlare con loro negli stati uniti.

Vi voglio bene!


La dolce Vita


So we went to Firenze (that’s Florence) this weekend. I saw the leaning tower of Pisa (in Pisa obviously) and I saw Davide up close!!!! It was incredible!!!!!!!! The detail was insane!!!! But no photos allowed :(. So then we walked around. I saw Dante’s house but couldn’t go in cuz it costs money which no one wanted to spend. Anyway, so we had a lot of fun. Last night we had this incredible dinner with 6 or 7 appetizers 2 or 3 pasta dishes and tiramisu. It was phenomenal!!!! After that I met some deaf friends of my teacher and we went to this street party that lasted all night! It was a ton of fun but I’m EXHAUSTED!!!

The Alps and Torino


I spent three days in the Alps this last week and then I went to Torino for the weekend. The Alps were beautiful!!! I hikded for eight hours in the Alps and ended up with three monster blisters on the back of my heel. But it was beautiful!!!! We hiked to this lake at the top of a mountain that was still icy and there was snow on the ground. It was super hard work but I climbed it like a champ! I only fell once and thazt was into the snow which was pretty slippery. We had lunch up there which cost twenty euro a piece…it was good but not that good…oh well. It was an experience. We went to Torino which was really cool. Italy is celebrating 150 years of unification this year and Torino was the first capital so it’s a huge deal for the city. We went to a lot of museums. I met some deaf people in Torino and they showed me around the city. We went to this Egyptian museum and saw a lot of mummies which was really cool. The girl I was with explained a lot of the history which was cool cuz I understood her LIS. She thought I was deaf which was pretty sweet.

So I haven’t put a whole lot of Italian into this blog. So here are the lyrics to a song I listen to a lot.

Noemi – Briciole lyrics

Questo è un giorno da vivere
se non si può descrivere
di un amore impossibile
rimangono le briciole
soltanto scuse insostenibile
da qualche tempo eri tu con me

Non c’è più niente niente niente
che mi leghi a te
mi sento un vuoto da disperdere
occare il fondo per capire che
è un nuovo giorno senza te

Questo male di vivere
che non mi fa decidere
delle notti romantiche
il ricordo fa piangere
sebbene cercherò di illuderti
da questa nuova immensità che c’è

Non c’è più niente niente
niente che mi leghi a te
è un grande vuoto
in fondo all’anima
tu dimmi un pò di che colore
è un altro giorno senza te
Ma da sempre chi ama di più
è costretto a soffrire
e ti giuro che io ritornerò
molto in alto a volare
e quando io saro più lucida
quando io non sarò più innamorata di te..

Non c’è più niente
niente niente che mi leghi a te
ma non è facile difendersi
e sono ancora troppo fragile
in questo gioco senza te
Questo è un giorno da vivere
se non si può descrivere…

Il Fine Settimana Bellissima


Siena was so much fun!!!! On Saturday I went to a partito di calcio which I already wrote about and met a lot of cool people. The next day we met up again. Signing LIS with the Italian girls was interesting because none of us knew LIS very well so we were all equally as bad. We used a quasi italian LIS combination to communicate. But it worked. Siena is this cool old city divided into 17 groups. They all have a mascot like the snails, dragons, giraffes etc. They all have colors and the street  lamps above the shops and flags. on July 2 and August 16 they have a horse race in the plaza and it looks pretty cool. Each section of the city is represented. I bought a postcard with a map of the city divided into parts which is pretty sweet. I would love to go to the horse race, but that’s the day the program ends so I doubt I could make it in time…also I don’t know what the other people I’m traveling with would like to do.


Tonight I met up with a group of deaf students from Genova. It was a lot of fun. I feel like I’m back in high school trying to communicate in sign without knowing the language. I know just enough to have  conversation. And just a little more italian so we can speak if we absoutely have to because most Italian deaf people learn to speak in school and to sign in high school/after high school. But a lot of the time I understand their spelling but I don’t understand the word. It makes commmunication that much more difficult. Still…I got to hang out with them and get to know them and it was a lot of fun being with Italians in Italy as opposed to the group of Americans I came with…I can see them any time.

So I’ve decided to buy a tiny espresso maker to take back with me…I love espresso. I also bought Pride and Prejudice in Italian so hopefully I can read that at some point. Everything is sooooo expensive cuz it’s in Euros….I may have spent a lot of money this past weekend cuz it was my free weekend so I had to pay for everything…totally worth it though. Siena was incredible!!!!!



I was in Siena today for a Deaf Soccer tournament!!!!! It was an amazing day!!!!!! We met up with a group of American students for the game. They were here to study LIS but they haven’t started yet so we got to be teachers. I also met two italian girls studying LIS. So I was able to use all 4 of my languages to communicate. I finally got to talk to actual Italians and not just my teachers which was fun. I got to learn some new LIS signs and meet a lot of new people. I had so much fun I can’t even begin to describe it. But I have a lot to do tomorrow so I’m gonna call it a night.

Cinque Terre and Roma


That was all the pictures of Cinque Terre I have cuz without my camera I just don’t take a lot of pictures 😦 But anyway you can see some things.

I have a lot more of Roma!!! So at the festa Della Repubblica I saw il Presidente Giorgio Napolitano! History making moment lol. He was in a convertable at the parade. It was pretty cool to see. I guess just before he drove by some people were flying the flag for the monarchy which is illegal when the President is around. So anyway security took it from him. That was pretty intense. I didn’t see the Trevi fountain at night and I didn’t see the Pope. I tried to go to mass at La Basillica San Pietro but the Pope was out of the country :(. I saw the Colosseum, The Roman Forum, Trevi Fountain, Spanish Steps, Sistine Chapel, Vatican Museum, Villa Borghese, multiple churches and Rome in general. We spent 4 days in Rome which was a ton of fun. I didn’t see a lot of new things but everything was absolutely gorgeous. There are too many stories and not enough time to tell it all. So some of the highlights of the weekend were going the Villa Borghese because I hadn’t seen it before. It is a beautiful house kind of like the Philbrook for you Tulsans. It’s a museum now but it was gorgeous!!!!! The paintings on the ceiling looked 3 D but they weren’t. There were some incredible mosaics with tiles so small it looked like an impressionist painting. We had a lot of free time and I got to hang out with a lot of different groups of people.

The interpreters are definitely really cool. We have a good time laughing and joking. I’m learning a lot about interpreting from being here. Deaf culture is way different. They don’t have vps here and today I saw a deaf phone call…basically it was an instant message with the other person on the phone. Not the best system but it worked because I can’t speak italian but my LIS teacher can. I want to talk to an interpreter next weekend when I go to Siena but I’m not sure if I can.

My Italian is definitely getting better, it’s still difficult, but it’s easier to explain things without knowing the exact word that I want. Slowly but surely my vocab is getting better too. The time is flying by!!! We have midterms this week!!!