Cinque Terre and Roma


That was all the pictures of Cinque Terre I have cuz without my camera I just don’t take a lot of pictures 😦 But anyway you can see some things.

I have a lot more of Roma!!! So at the festa Della Repubblica I saw il Presidente Giorgio Napolitano! History making moment lol. He was in a convertable at the parade. It was pretty cool to see. I guess just before he drove by some people were flying the flag for the monarchy which is illegal when the President is around. So anyway security took it from him. That was pretty intense. I didn’t see the Trevi fountain at night and I didn’t see the Pope. I tried to go to mass at La Basillica San Pietro but the Pope was out of the country :(. I saw the Colosseum, The Roman Forum, Trevi Fountain, Spanish Steps, Sistine Chapel, Vatican Museum, Villa Borghese, multiple churches and Rome in general. We spent 4 days in Rome which was a ton of fun. I didn’t see a lot of new things but everything was absolutely gorgeous. There are too many stories and not enough time to tell it all. So some of the highlights of the weekend were going the Villa Borghese because I hadn’t seen it before. It is a beautiful house kind of like the Philbrook for you Tulsans. It’s a museum now but it was gorgeous!!!!! The paintings on the ceiling looked 3 D but they weren’t. There were some incredible mosaics with tiles so small it looked like an impressionist painting. We had a lot of free time and I got to hang out with a lot of different groups of people.

The interpreters are definitely really cool. We have a good time laughing and joking. I’m learning a lot about interpreting from being here. Deaf culture is way different. They don’t have vps here and today I saw a deaf phone call…basically it was an instant message with the other person on the phone. Not the best system but it worked because I can’t speak italian but my LIS teacher can. I want to talk to an interpreter next weekend when I go to Siena but I’m not sure if I can.

My Italian is definitely getting better, it’s still difficult, but it’s easier to explain things without knowing the exact word that I want. Slowly but surely my vocab is getting better too. The time is flying by!!! We have midterms this week!!!


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