Il Fine Settimana Bellissima


Siena was so much fun!!!! On Saturday I went to a partito di calcio which I already wrote about and met a lot of cool people. The next day we met up again. Signing LIS with the Italian girls was interesting because none of us knew LIS very well so we were all equally as bad. We used a quasi italian LIS combination to communicate. But it worked. Siena is this cool old city divided into 17 groups. They all have a mascot like the snails, dragons, giraffes etc. They all have colors and the street  lamps above the shops and flags. on July 2 and August 16 they have a horse race in the plaza and it looks pretty cool. Each section of the city is represented. I bought a postcard with a map of the city divided into parts which is pretty sweet. I would love to go to the horse race, but that’s the day the program ends so I doubt I could make it in time…also I don’t know what the other people I’m traveling with would like to do.


Tonight I met up with a group of deaf students from Genova. It was a lot of fun. I feel like I’m back in high school trying to communicate in sign without knowing the language. I know just enough to have  conversation. And just a little more italian so we can speak if we absoutely have to because most Italian deaf people learn to speak in school and to sign in high school/after high school. But a lot of the time I understand their spelling but I don’t understand the word. It makes commmunication that much more difficult. Still…I got to hang out with them and get to know them and it was a lot of fun being with Italians in Italy as opposed to the group of Americans I came with…I can see them any time.

So I’ve decided to buy a tiny espresso maker to take back with me…I love espresso. I also bought Pride and Prejudice in Italian so hopefully I can read that at some point. Everything is sooooo expensive cuz it’s in Euros….I may have spent a lot of money this past weekend cuz it was my free weekend so I had to pay for everything…totally worth it though. Siena was incredible!!!!!


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  1. Thanks for the update about Siena. Sounds like it was a wonderful trip. I finally was able to see the photos of Rome and the area. You are looking good! 🙂 I love the sign with your name on it!! How cool is that.?…..Glad you are able to take this trip and meet interesting people and see God’s wonderful creation all over the world! You are loved and missed. Enjoy!!!

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