The Alps and Torino


I spent three days in the Alps this last week and then I went to Torino for the weekend. The Alps were beautiful!!! I hikded for eight hours in the Alps and ended up with three monster blisters on the back of my heel. But it was beautiful!!!! We hiked to this lake at the top of a mountain that was still icy and there was snow on the ground. It was super hard work but I climbed it like a champ! I only fell once and thazt was into the snow which was pretty slippery. We had lunch up there which cost twenty euro a piece…it was good but not that good…oh well. It was an experience. We went to Torino which was really cool. Italy is celebrating 150 years of unification this year and Torino was the first capital so it’s a huge deal for the city. We went to a lot of museums. I met some deaf people in Torino and they showed me around the city. We went to this Egyptian museum and saw a lot of mummies which was really cool. The girl I was with explained a lot of the history which was cool cuz I understood her LIS. She thought I was deaf which was pretty sweet.

So I haven’t put a whole lot of Italian into this blog. So here are the lyrics to a song I listen to a lot.

Noemi – Briciole lyrics

Questo è un giorno da vivere
se non si può descrivere
di un amore impossibile
rimangono le briciole
soltanto scuse insostenibile
da qualche tempo eri tu con me

Non c’è più niente niente niente
che mi leghi a te
mi sento un vuoto da disperdere
occare il fondo per capire che
è un nuovo giorno senza te

Questo male di vivere
che non mi fa decidere
delle notti romantiche
il ricordo fa piangere
sebbene cercherò di illuderti
da questa nuova immensità che c’è

Non c’è più niente niente
niente che mi leghi a te
è un grande vuoto
in fondo all’anima
tu dimmi un pò di che colore
è un altro giorno senza te
Ma da sempre chi ama di più
è costretto a soffrire
e ti giuro che io ritornerò
molto in alto a volare
e quando io saro più lucida
quando io non sarò più innamorata di te..

Non c’è più niente
niente niente che mi leghi a te
ma non è facile difendersi
e sono ancora troppo fragile
in questo gioco senza te
Questo è un giorno da vivere
se non si può descrivere…


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  1. Hey girl…so thanks for the beautiful photos!! I am glad you are getting to enjoy the sights of Italy. Thanks for sharing. Maybe you need a good pair of tennis shoes…. ha….Hope you have a great week! Enjoyed taking to you on Sunday! I know your dad did too. Lots of love and hugs… Mom

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