La dolce Vita


So we went to Firenze (that’s Florence) this weekend. I saw the leaning tower of Pisa (in Pisa obviously) and I saw Davide up close!!!! It was incredible!!!!!!!! The detail was insane!!!! But no photos allowed :(. So then we walked around. I saw Dante’s house but couldn’t go in cuz it costs money which no one wanted to spend. Anyway, so we had a lot of fun. Last night we had this incredible dinner with 6 or 7 appetizers 2 or 3 pasta dishes and tiramisu. It was phenomenal!!!! After that I met some deaf friends of my teacher and we went to this street party that lasted all night! It was a ton of fun but I’m EXHAUSTED!!!


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  1. Hey baby girl! Wow! Sounds like you have a very busy weekend…..again. It is cool that you were able to see the statue of David, etc. What an experience…something to tell your grandchildren… hehe…
    Love you lots.

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