Monthly Archives: March 2012

Summer Adventures


Once again I’m going to have a summer adventure. This one’s a little closer to home…a little. I’ll be going to Wildwood, New Jersey this summer in hopes of getting a job and learning how to share my faith with others. This will be a big change for me because I typically shy away from sharing my faith with others. I think the accountability this project provides will be just the thing I need to kick my butt into gear.

Also, I’m excited about the prospect of living in community with fellow Christians for the summer. I’m going through some emotionally shaking things right now and it will be great to go through this process of healing in community with other little Christs.

Now, lest you think this adventure will be any less bilingual than my last, there will be at least one other Deaf student on this Project. So of course, I’ll have an opportunity to practice my sign language and maybe even terping skills. I won’t have conversations going in 4 languages…probably, but English won’t be my only language for the summer.

Which means this blog won’t be any less bilingual than it was last summer 😀 Expects some vlogs in place of the usual text.

Now…how can you help? I need prayer partners–People willing to pray for me and my team. We can’t really do much without prayer so please lift us up to our Creator in Heaven who controls it all.

I also need financial partners. I need people willing to invest the money God gave them into furthering His kingdom. Send me a facebook message if you’re interested in either of these endeavors.

“Andate dunque e fate miei discepoli tutti i popoli batterzzandoli nel nome del Padre, del Figlio, e dello Sprirto Santo, insegnando loro a osservare tutte quante le cose che vi ho comandare. Ed ecco, io sono con voi tutti i giorni, sino alla fine dell’eta’ presente.” Matteo 28:19-20