The Search


Hi everyone! I’ve been at Summer Project for 5 days, but so many things have happened it feels like a lifetime! We have had a few hours each day to look for jobs, and I even interpreted a job interview! That was cool, because I realized I actually can successfully interpret and I wasn’t even nervous! I still don’t officially have a job, but I’m applying in good faith and praying that God would provide the job for me that He would have me do.

The busy season hasn’t started yet because here on the East Coast, kids are still in school. I’ve filled out so many applications that I have phone numbers and addresses for my previous places of employment memorized. I’m getting really good at asking for jobs and filling out applications 😛

We’ve had a great time as a community too! I live on a floor with 12 girls and one kitchen and one bathroom. It’s been a challenge and I’m sure it will grow to be a greater challenge, but everyone has been really gracious so far. It’s been great to always have people to hang out with. I’ve had a few introverted moments, but God definitely helped me get through them without being too outwardly crabby :D.

I don’t even know how to describe the boardwalk. It’s a fantastic tourist trap and I love seeing all of the people and the oceans and fair food! I bought fried reese’s yesterday, which was a bad decision. It was delicious and now that I know that, I may end up buying more over the next 10 weeks :P. I also found a taffy and fudge shop with gelato… Forse sarò ritornare ogni giorni perché mi piace il gelato molto!!!

We played capture the flag on the beach one day at the beach until the tide rolled through. We were at least 100 feet from the ocean, but when it rains, and the tide raises, the water goes extremely far. It was insane! I’ll try to remember to actually take pictures for you guys so you can understand what I’m talking about. That’s about all I can say for now. It’s been absolutely insane, but I think now that we have time for everyone to work, it’ll settle down…at least until I get a job.

Please continue to pray that the rest of us will get jobs in the next few days.


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