I now officially have a job at SuperFresh! It’s a grocery store and I stock shelves and put up sales tags. I enjoy it, but it’s certainly hard work. I’ll get used to it though :D. It’s different working at a store because you can basically do whatever needs to be done at that moment. A lot of times it’s customer service, but if you and a coworker are working in the same area, you can certainly have conversations as well. I’ve learned a lot throughout the 20 days (already?!) I’ve been here.

Saturday we went to a free zoo with some members of the Deaf community as part of our outreach. It was so much fun having conversations and teaching signs and seeing the animals. Afterwards we went to dinner and we had a great conversation with our new friends. I had so much fun being there it was like being at RIT again! Hopefully we’ll see them soon at the bbq we’re hosting this Saturday.

My introversion is getting better and I have a greater capacity for being around people, praise God. Tonight we’re going minigolfing and then out for ice cream! Wahoo! I’m pretty excited to just bond with project kids, cuz there are some that I haven’t been with much. It’s good though that I don’t work with the people I live with and my church group is completely different too. It gives me a good chance to get to know so many people! And of course I’m getting to know my coworkers and the students coming to the international café. In speaking of which, one of the international students we met recently became a Christian! Pray that he will grow a lot while we’re here and when he goes back to China he can be a light to his own people! How exciting is that?! Well, I’m excited anyways! Pray that I’ll use the opportunities I have at work and on the boardwalk to talk to people and pray that God will use that to work on their hearts.


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