Oggi era buona ma non esattamente come mi ero aspettato. Ho pensato che molte persone sorde venissero al cena stasera ma non c’era nessuno. Beh. Il mio gruppo ci parliamo e organizziamo per un evento alla due settimane prossime. Dopo cena ho scritto il mio testimonio per post via facebook. Non ho ancora finito ma forse ricorderĂ² domani.

I’ve had a blast these last few days. I’ll get pics up soon, but I dyed my hair purple last night. Not all of it, just a few streaks. I was bored and people were talking about hair dye :). I really like my job. It’s pretty fun and I can have mini-conversations with my co-workers while I’m stocking or tagging items. It’s hard work and pretty tiring, but I actually enjoy it more than I have anything else I’ve ever done.

I went out on the boardwalk the other day to share my faith. I prayed before I went out that God would give me one good conversation cuz I wasn’t feeling very well. The first people Emily and I talked to agreed to talk and we had about a 45 minute conversation about spiritual things and life. It was amazing. The man I talked to was definitely a Christian, but it was still so cool to be able to talk about God to a complete stranger. It was really encouraging since the other few times going out were kind of bummers and awkward. I have definitely learned a lot about practical ways to share my faith.

That’s my blurb for now. Vi voglio bene!



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