Monthly Archives: July 2012

Quia amasti me, fecisti me, amabilem.


Excerpt from my journal:

“You speak to my soul. You whisper, “It will all be alright. You’re safe with me. Trust me honey. I’ll never leave you. I love you. Your imperfections and scars are beautiful.”

You whisper, “I died for you. I demonstrated my love for you and I don’t care that you’re unworthy. I want you.”

You take my hands and kiss them. You take my face and kiss the tears of shame and gently brush them off. You kiss each eyelid and then cup your hand behind my head, holding me close. You remind me that You love me perfectly. There is no fear in perfect love.

And then you set me down. You aren’t leaving me. No You won’t do that. But I have more to accomplish.

Because I was designed to glorify You. My beauty was meant to be shared. My beauty is not my beauty it’s Yours. And its borrowed. The more beauty I can give away the more beauty I can receive. It’s counter intuitive, but the beauty was never meant to be held tightly. Tightly held beauty is hidden beauty. Hidden beauty dies without ever having been appreciated. If  beauty is there with no one ever having sensed it, does it exist at all?

So you see, my beauty–Your beauty– will be multiplied and compounded when given away. When appreciated more often, more beauty will appear.

And so my mission becomes clear. Share Your beauty. To anyone and everyone. Glorify the Son of Man. He must be glorified; He must be shared. That is my purpose. Whatever else I do, I must do that.


This basically what I’ve learned at project. Sorry I haven’t updated in a while.