My Pre-Plan Post


I shared a bit about my health conditions on the header to this page. I have several “separate” conditions that have all been described as auto-immune. Some of these conditions affect my fertility and all of them affect my mood. What interests me most about The Plan is that it focuses on eliminating inflammatory foods. It also has a separate menu for thyroid disorders. I struggled for years to get a diagnosis of hypothyroidism and once one doctor began medicine I moved and my new doctor told me I was fine. I have recently been put on thyroid medication again and it has helped a lot. However, it seems that doctors are not very receptive to testing properly for thyroid disorders. The fact that the book has a list of helpful and harmful foods makes me very hopeful that I can get my conditions under control with or without help from my doctors.

I have read from other sources that it is very helpful to prepare the food in advance. I plan to grocery shop tomorrow morning and then prepare my food for my plan to begin on New Year’s Day. I am very lucky in that I am an independent contractor and work is slow. I will have at least a week and a half without work which should allow me to get used to the new routines of weighing myself and drinking so much water.

Work is slow which means money is tight. I have been shopping at Aldi which does have some things like kefir and siracha! I plan on getting everything I can at aldi and the rest hopefully I can find at Kroger (a local grocery chain that has whole sale nuts and I’m hoping everything aldi’s doesn’t) There is a Whole Foods in my neighborhood, but I really can’t afford to go there. Part of my journey will be finding what I can within my budget and forgetting the rest. For example, I have been looking for chickpeas from aldi for years, and I finally found 4 cans!!! But I looked at the label and it’s full of sodium! It is certainly not what is recommended for the plan, but it was .65 a can. I bought two cans and I’ll see what I can find at Kroger tomorrow. I know that the sodium content increases the likelihood for a reaction, but maybe I can counteract it with leafy greens or extra water.

I am not actually trying to lose weight on this plan which may be the most surprising part to people. I am 24 and 170 pounds. True I am according to BMI charts technically overweight, but I’m not terribly concerned with the scale. I’m perfectly happy with my body; my goal is to become healthier. According to Lyn Genet-Recitas, the plan is meant for people 35 and older, but because of my thyroid issues I may still show the inflammation though weight gain. I suppose we’ll find out whether this will work for me.

I say all of these things because this is MY journey. I hope it helps others, but I am an individual. I have very specific existing issues and I have very specific goals. My hope is that others suffering from thyroid, PCOS and other auto-immune disorders can see this as a way to help (or not depending on how things go) themselves become healthier.


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