Shopping and Cooking for Days 1-3 (plus shopping lists!)


Well I have finished the shopping and prepared the soups for the first 3 days on the plan. I made a shopping list for the Thyroid menu which I suspect in the first 3 days is the same as the regular menu… in any case my fridge is completely full and my wallet is empty. I spent $70 on groceries for the first 3 days which is about a week and a half of my grocery budget. However, I’m hopeful that the food will last longer than 3 days. The refrigerator is more full than I’ve ever seen it (it’s just me and hubby and we shop weekly).

Cooking was an interesting experience. Chefs didn’t write these recipes. I decided a can of coconut milk meant 13 oz (roughly 1 2/3 cup), a bunch of kale became a handful and I guestimated on 1.5 lbs carrots. All in all not too bad and now I have both soups prepared.


Carrot and Ginger Soup

Carrot and Ginger soup ready for the fridge and freezer

Spicy Vegetarian SoupNext time I’ll use a bigger pot. Believe it or not I used fewer vegetables than the recipe called for.

Individually freezing leftover squash

Individually freezing leftover squash

Aldi Kroger
Baby romaine  Butternut squash 
7-8 cups (56-64 oz) of kale  1 tub Mixed Greens
2 apples  2 cups (at least) whole flax seed 
1 avacado  Coconut milk 
2 pears 


1 small beet 
3 crowns Broccoli  4 shitake mushrooms 
Brown rice  Pumpkin seeds 
Raw almonds (small amount)  2 medium sized organic oranges 
2 pounds carrots 
12 oz blueberries 
2-3 oz chicken 
Sea salt
5 zucchini

Keep in mind this first list is edited for what I actually bought so it doesn’t include what I had on hand (though if I had it on hand, it was almost certainly from Aldi).

The lists look intimidating, but I already had some of the things on the list and chances are you will too. I also changed a few things. For instance instead of buying fresh ginger I used the ground ginger I had in my spice cabinet. Nutritionally it might make a bit of a difference, but since I had it… I also decided that regular coconut milk could easily replace the can called for in a recipe since I was buying coconut milk anyway.

Grocery List Thyroid Menu Days 1-3

2 cups (at least) whole flax seed 2 apples
12 oz blueberries 7-8 cups (56-64 oz) of kale
Coconut milk 4 shitake mushrooms
3-4 pounds carrots 1 small beet
5 zucchini Raw almonds (small amount)
1-2 Garlic bulbs Brown or basmati rice
Raw ginger Baby romaine
Sunflower seeds (and/or chia seeds) 5 onions
1 tub Mixed Greens Honey
4 crowns Broccoli Butternut squash
Extra Virgin olive oil 15oz can of chickpeas
2 medium sized organic oranges 1 bay leaf
2 pears 1 can coconut milk
1 avacado Sea salt
Pumpkin seeds Brown sugar
2-3 oz chicken Vanilla
Onion powder
Fresh black pepper
Poultry seasoning


I have been shopping for the next week and can indeed confirm that the list was more than enough for the first 3 days. I officially I needed 5 onions and I only had 3 the list above has been modified. Other than that I ended up with 2 crowns of broccoli more than I needed, 1 package of kale (though I’m sure I’ll use that soon! 2 zucchini (again I plan on using all of them this week) and lots of leftovers on other things as well. I still have carrot and beet salad in my fridge that neither I nor the hubs have eaten, a tooooon of soup left. I can only hope the plan is able to use all of these things before they go bad (esp cuz I still have 2 beets (it was minimum 3 beets at the store) left that I haven’t touched.

I think it’s best not to go shopping too far in advance because of all the chances of buying things that may not work. For instance, I didn’t pass almonds which means if I had bought almond butter to use on day 4, I would be out a bag of almonds and almond butter.


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