Day 1 Cleanse


It’s day 1 on the Plan and I am surprised at how good the food was! I don’t eat a lot of processed foods as a rule and because it is cheaper. The cooking wasn’t too bad today especially because I prepared the soup yesterday. I think that dinner seemed a little light, but lunch was very filling and very good!

I started the day making flax granola which was a disaster!

Flax Granola

I would highly recommend parchment paper or two silicone baking mats…or perhaps a baking pan rather than a sheet. The picture above was the pretty pre-baked version, but I dumped half of it into the oven after putting it back in to turn. I did manage to save most of it and I only burned myself a little in the process.

I’m terrible at taking pictures though so I only managed to take a picture of my dinner (about halfway through :D) I had never had beets before so I was a little nervous about whether I would like this dinner, but I was pleasantly surprised. The hubs kept going on about how he never knew what he was missing with beets. To me they kind of tasted like dirt, but it was kind of like eating water (not much flavor). There wasn’t much to taste aside from carrots, which I like.

Day 1 dinner

This morning I weighed in at 168.8 and my BBT was 97.45 which is a bit high for me (incidentally I’ve been taking my BBT for a year and a half to monitor fertility and I just ovulated, hence the high temperature). I have a journal (a notebook I had around the house) that I am keeping my data in. I keep a tally of my glasses so that I don’t have to wonder how much water I’ve drank throughout the day.


It was a lazy day and I ended up taking a nap, but I’m not sure if that was because of a healing crisis or just because I was up late celebrating the new year. All in all I would say a very successful day. I’m looking forward to tomorrow!


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