Day 2 Almonds



So my internet was out this past weekend so I’m gonna try to catch up each day with a short post (using my notes of course)!

I FAILED the almond test. Within about 30 minutes of eating the almonds, my neck started burning, and then it moved to my scalp (most of my mastocytosis is on my neck and scalp so this isn’t surprising). I ignored it because I had read an anecdote like this in the book and I thought I was making it up.

Until I read the scale the next day. I had lost 1.6 lbs from the first day, but I gained every .1 back. I was itchy for 3 days. I doubt that I will even bother testing almonds again. I don’t think it was just reactive, I think I am actually allergic! It’s great to find that out before an epipen is needed! I gave all my leftover almonds to my mother who is also following the plan.

This was the toughest day for me as I was also experiencing fatigue, lightheadedness and a headache. It was good that I didn’t have to go anywhere that day!

I did have a delicious lunch and managed to take a picture of it!

Carrot and ginger soup with salad and sauteed broccoli and orange oil


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