Day 3 (again)


Because I did such a terrible job sticking to the plan, I decided to repeat day 3 all the way through. The chickpeas I used had a lot of sodium in them as did the chicken (it was frozen and I suspect the sodium was in the broth). I managed to find a different brand of chickpeas at Aldi’s (their health food brand) which has 1/3 the sodium. Hopefully that will keep the sodium content down to a reasonable level.

Part of this diet is to make it work for your lifestyle. I cannot afford to pay for fresh chicken or go to the fancy grocery store for unsalted chickpeas. Once the 20 days are up, I doubt that I will use the other store for odd items like squash or rye chips. My lifestyle at the moment is to spend as little on groceries as possible and even less on eating out. I think that good food is a worthy place to spend your money if you have it, but I simply don’t. In any case, that’s my justification for buying food with slightly higher sodium content than is desirable. The result of these additions in salt was that I remained exactly the same weight.

I also skipped the snack because I had a very late lunch and was out with the hubs celebrating out anniversary afterwards.


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