Day 5 Rye


Down 1.2 lbs!!! I have lots of pictures for the day!

Lunch with cheese was very filling, but I’m getting a little sick of the soup. I put a lot in the freezer because there is so much soup left I’m afraid it will go bad on me!

Leftover salad with goat cheese and vegetarian soup

Today’s test was rye which wasn’t bad with hummus (I had to substitute hummus for almond butter…I assumed this was a good substitution, but it meant chickpeas twice in one day). I didn’t get any adverse reactions so I’m excited to see the scale tomorrow!

Rye cracker with hummus and apples

There were no directions for how to cook the chicken so I decided to bake it on top of the vegetables and then put it on my mixed greens afterward. I also used fresh basil and I used half an onion (there were no measurements given), but I think a quarter would have been better. I sprinkled the cheese on after the vegetables had finished baking. I taste tested the cheese on the side and it is delicious! It’s like a sweet Parmesan. But it’s also softer which makes it more edible!

Spicy Apricot chicken cooked over zucchini Apricot Chicken on mixed greens, carrot and beet salad and zuchini with basil

I also tried the poached pear today and I’ll look up later how to poach them. The recipe didn’t seem to call for enough liquid to cover the pear so it didn’t get fully cooked. It was good though so not too much to complain about. I think I’ll try the chocolate tomorrow night and if I start itching I’ll know how completely sensitive I am to almonds/tree nuts.

I felt light=headed a lot today and I’m thinking I may be a little iron-deficient. I shall take a prenatal vitamin before bed. Here’s hoping the rye test passed! Tomorrow I’m testing eggs!


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