Grocery List for Days 4-11


So there was definitely left over food from days 1-3, but there was a lot of food that we were introducing as well. This grocery list isn’t as complete because I had some things already (even the weird stuff like apricot jam and siracha). Hopefully, this gives you an idea of the expense that this diet will be (this trip was just within my weekly budget which is good, but still more expensive than normal). This may also give you an idea of how much health food you can actually get at an Aldi’s. (MIne is a very small neighborhood store, but I imagine that the big ones would have most of the health food you were looking for).

Aldi Kroger
2 Goat cheese Rye cracker
Olive oil Acorn squash
2 Avocado 7 oz Dark chocolate
Onions (yellow/white and red) Manchego
Carrot Basil
Eggs Salt free potato chips
3 Zucchini
Mixed greens

This was updated to show what I actually bought at the stores. Originally, I wanted chia seeds, but one bag was $13! No thank you! I decided to skip it and I’m glad I did because it was an optional item on an optional recipe. Money saved! Also turns out the chocolate was half price so I bought 2! It’s hard not to try to stock up, but I’m not sure it will pass my allergies which makes me sad so maybe money lost. That’s the thing about testing foods. Sometimes it doesn’t pay to get the economy size. I also didn’t need to buy a squash as I have a freezer full of butternut squash I forgot about… AND the fresh basil probably wasn’t necessary, but I love it so much! I suppose if I hadn’t bought this extras I would have been perfectly under budget. Oh well c’est la vie


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