Day 6 New Protein (eggs)


Down .6 lbs!!!! Rye test successful!

Beet and carrot salad, goat cheese on a rye cracker

It’s getting easier to prepare things and also to eat them. The flavors are getting better and of course the variety helps a ton! My husband remarked that it’s easier to clean up now :D. I’m not sure what I expected, but it’s starting to set in that this is for life. I kind of thought it would be a fad diet and if it worked good and if not fine. I mean cognitively I knew that what I’m signing up for is a change in my eating habits, but I’m still waiting for the 20 days to go up so I can go back to homemade pizza and tacos. I don’t think I realized that vegetables are still going to be making up the vast majority of my diet day to day. I started this to become healthier to heal myself. Not to eat rye chips and salad all the time. Regardless, I’m enjoying the food more and more. I’m hopeful that soon I’ll be able to plan meals my husband enjoys as well.

Today was test a new protein. Since I’m poor and the next several days requires me to rotate between the two proteins, I chose eggs. I made an omelet with a sprinkle of Manchego cheese and ground pepper.

Butternut Squash, kale and mushroom salad with manchego Omlette salad?


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