Today was a no test day which was good because mother nature wasn’t helping too much with the inflammation. I only lost .2lbs, but I’m not calling that a fail. I think my uterus gained weight not the eggs. I’ll retest again later and for now I guess goat cheese and chicken will be my only animal proteins.

I did get to try unsalted potato chips. I really enjoyed them even though I honestly kept expecting to taste salt. It was a good snack though! I bought kettle brand which are sold in a lot of grocery stores so it’s not a super specialty product.

Spicy Vegetarian soup, butternut squash salad Spicy vegetarian soup and butternut squash salad for lunch

Dinner was very similar to dinners I’ve made before which is comforting. It means that I don’t have to change everything about my habits. Just modify them a bit. I was a bit Ldistracted before dinner so no food pics for today.

I may have cheated a bit on dessert. The ice cream cake was almost gone so we finished it off together. Not quite only an ounce of chocolate, but it was a no test day so I figured it wasn’t gonna skew my results too much. Anyway hopefully my inflammation goes down enough for my test tomorrow to be successful.I’m pretty sure my husband has lost more weight than I have and he’s not even dieting. He just eats what I make him for dinner and then whatever else is easiest ie cereal and ice cream cake.


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