Day 10 &11 eggs


So yesterday was super busy and I didn’t have a chance to blog it. I spent the day out so I took my lunch and snack with me. When I got home though it was 8 and I didn’t feel like cooking. What I did after threatening a peanut butter and jelly sandwich was 2 rye crackers with hummus and some leftover vegetables from day 9.

I lost 1.4 lbs which made me think all in all it was an ok day! I have also gained 1 degree in my basal body temperature (BBT) since I started my thyroid medication and this diet. (on the medication alone, I gained half a degree). This gives me great encouragement to stay on the diet! If I can keep my body healthy through my food, I can minimaize side effects from medicine.

Today I went to work so I packed a chop salad and some leftover butternut squash I had from forever ago! It was great! I got home at 4 and had my potato chips and then hubby made me an omlette with all of the kale stuff I was supposed to have tonight. I ran out of greens (grocery shopping tomorrow!!!) so that was as close to the dinner as I could get. Hopefully it doesn’t ruin my second egg test! And dark chocolate to finish up!

kale omlette with sunflower seeds and goat cheese


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