Day 12 Weeeeeight loss!


So the red dragon has been slayed…or temporarily satiated. Anyway, to celebrate her demise, my body decided to drop 4.5 lbs today. Bringing my total wight loss to 9.8 lbs in 12 days!!!!! It may all be water weight, but it’s water weight I’m no longer carrying with me!

I was slightly bad and decided to test bread today even though it is a no test day. It was homemade bread and I put butter on it since almond butter is out of the question. I was just getting sick of flax granola and fruit. I needed some variety. I looked at cereals today and while I think cheerios and shredded wheat may make the cut, I despise both of them so I decided to pass on adding in cereal. Also, a shockingly large number of “healthy” cereals have almonds in them. So those were out of the question.

Spicy vegetarian soup and sauteed kale with apples etc.

I’m still eating the same spicy vegetarian soup I made before I started this thing. It still tastes fine, but if I were given the choice I would eat any other type of soup. If you’re preparing it for the start of your diet, I would freeze about half.

Spicy Apricot chicken and vegetable tabouli

Dinner was delicious. I used a goat cheese with honey which made it sweet. If I had known what I was buying it for though, I would have bought the herbs one they had there (Aldi’s!). The chicken was made in the spicy apricot sauce again because I still had leftovers.


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