Day 13 Potatoes


I gained some of that weight I had lost back yesterday. I suppose my confidence was unfounded then. But anyway, now I know bread doesn’t work for me. I’ll probably test it later when I’ve been on the plan for a while, but for now I’m going to just stay away. In any case, it’s not really about the weight, but about the health benefits for me, and those are abundant. The plan is something I think I’m stuck with :D.

I substituted hummus for almond butter on my rye cracker (when can I test peanut butter?!) and then had the rest of the hummus for snack today. It’s probably not very balanced that way, but they didn’t really give me much to work with. I was already having cheese in the leftover timbale (which was still amazing). No pics cuz I brought my lunch to work today. I convinced my coworker to bring his lunch instead of us all going out to eat. That was big because it saves money and I was having trouble justifying spending money on lunches when it clearly wasn’t coming out of the restaurant budget. But, I digress.

I already had some potatoes I needed to cook up so that was an easy choice when deciding vegetables to try. I liked the Italian Roasted Winter Veggies so I added the potato to it (I almost forgot to though!) It was AMAZING!!! I think that the plan has increased my food sensitivity a lot! Hubby cooked me literally the best fried eggs I have ever had (over medium) and the potatoes made that veggie dish absolutely perfect. I had some balsamic vinegar and oil on my salad so I took a probiotic to counteract the yeast.

Fried Eggs, roasted italian winter veggies with potatoes

The water is also getting easier to drink. Now that it’s habit, it’s actually not as hard as I thought to drink enough water. And hubby is joining in which is a bit harder for him as there’s more for him to drink ;D still he’s losing some weight as well which is good for him.


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