Days 15 and 16 Milk test


Day 15 was test a new breakfast item or milk. Originally, I wanted to test eggs on toast because that is one of my favorite actual breakfasts. However, since I didn’t test well on bread, I decided to drink a very delicious latte. I have an espresso machine that froths milk and it was truly a delight to get that back into my repertoire. I lost weight on that so I guess dairy is a go!

Salad and rye with hummus

Lunch day 15. Salad and a rye cracker with hummus

Day 16 is supposed to be a rest day, but my building was hosting a spaghetti dinner so I had some spaghetti, salad and Italian ice. If I pass it may bode well for tomatoes, but I suspect that gluten may be a problem. I’ve been reading about the connection between celiac’s disease and hypothyroidism. The good news though is that from everything I’ve been reading, this diet may be the best thing for me.The better news is that this food now tastes amazing! I actually enjoy it all which is very helpful!

Carrot and ginger soup with a salad

Salad with goat cheese, pumpkin seeds and leftover zucchini. Carrot and ginger soup with sunflower seeds. A protein packed lunch.


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