Days 17 and 18 2 proteins and a restaurant


Well things are wrapping up as far as the actually planned plan goes. Yesterday, I tested 2 proteins in one day which was successful! I had a fried egg for breakfast with half a pear and then chicken for dinner. Here’s a picture of the dinner with the fancy manchego cheese out 😀

Indian Spice rub Chicken and broccoli

The restaurant test was interesting. Hubby and I wanted to celebrate our belated anniversary with some money his parents gave us to celebrate. We used the google machine to find a restaurant that had food I could eat. We weren’t disappointed! It actually had an item that was 3 vegetables and a salad. I ended up with swiss chard, butternut squash and mash potatoes (which I didn’t pass technically, but it was the best I could do.) All in all it looked almost exactly like it was put together by a plan chef. The butternut squash was AMAZING!!!! Hubby loved it too because he got a grass-fed steak and they offered seconds for free! I’m pretty worried about passing even though the food was on plan because I ate a very large helping of chocolate cake :D. That may have entirely failed the restaurant test for me, but it’s hubbies new favorite restaurant, and I think that if I steer clear of the deserts (because of the gluten) I should be ok. And heres a picture of the homemade guac for today!Homemade guacamole and unsalted potato chips


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