Day 19 No test


So it gets a bit confusing because I added a day at the beginning and I skipped a rest day before the restaurant. I have 2 days left after this before I am left on my own :D. It’s been a good ride thus far. The food tastes better and I really don’t have cravings. I won’t deny though that when given the choice to eat things I can’t have it sometimes appeals, but I don’t dream about ice cream and pizza all day. I don’t feel deprived. I cook a lot of pasta, but it seems to disagree with me strongly. That should make it a lot easier to give up. Bread and cakes are a bit harder. I think that in a few months when my system calms down I may test bread again. Maybe it will be a treat that I can have on occasion. Maybe it will just always be a cheat that I pay the consequences for later. In any case, I do feel better on this thing. My digestion has improved significantly, and I hope it will continue to improve.

I did gain weight this morning, but my rings were sliding around my fingers later today so I feel pretty confident that I was able to lose what I gained. I guess the scale will tell in the morning.

wild greens salad and butternut squash soup

I had chickpeas for lunch and hummus for a snack since I couldn’t have nut butter. I really need to prioritize testing peanut butter.

Rice, broccoli and vegetable timbale with goat cheese

That was dinner. I added sracha sauce to the rice. I spiced the broccoli up too with some red pepper and thyme and cooked them in butter. It really was a good meal. And of course my dark chocolate for dessert.


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