Days 20 and 21 (The end of the beginning)


I am now on my last day of the official plan. From here on out I’ll have to figure out how to eat for myself. I guess this is where the blog gets interesting. How do we actually keep up with everything?! Anyway I have lost 9.8 lbs total which works out to about half a pound a day. I went from just barely in the overweight BMI to the normal range. It’s a relief to be backing away from the edge of the cliff. I’ve also gone from having digestive issues at least once a week to only having issues if I’ve had high gluten. I reported at one point that my basal body temperature was up a degree, but it’s gone down since then. It is still about half a degree above my old normal (though the synthroid might have something to do with that). I can’t say that what I’m eating has totally healed my body, but I can say that I am not worse because of it. I would like to see what a few months on this diet will do. From everything I’ve read on the internet (which of course could never be wrong :D) the plan has everything I need to gain control of my thyroid function. I don’t plan on stopping my medication any time soon, but I am pleased with the results so far and I’m hoping that in the long run the inflammation will cease totally. My fertility has also vastly improved. My cycle appears to be much more regular, though of course only time will tell.

And now for the fun pictures!

Leftover mixed veggies with salad

This was dinner yesterday with leftover veggies (yes there was potato in it and I guess I’ve passed them) and a salad. I think there was some chicken hiding in the salad.

Kefir the Breakfast of champions

Instead of testing a vegetable today I tested kefir because quite frankly I’m out of flax granola and I had eggs yesterday. I’ve passed all the other dairy so this should be easy as it is very low lactose. It’s like yogurt, but it is much more liquidy. I drank it like a smoothie and it was very filling! If I pass, this may replace coconut milk in the mornings since I can get this at Aldi. Plus it is full of probiotics!

Butternut Squash soup and chickpea salad

This is butternut squash soup with sunflower seeds and chickpea salad. There were still leftover chickpeas from the spicy chickpea “spinach” salad I made. I have a lot of leftovers that I need to get rid of pretty quickly. Luckily, from here I can just add them all in because I get to make up the plans.

Vegetable timbale and salad with chicken

Here is some leftover vegetable timbale with salad and spicy apricot chicken. And with that, my last prescribed meal on the plan is over.

It is a good design because for the last few days, they give you more and more freedom to eat what you want. By that I mean, there is more a template to follow rather than a recipe. They do a good job weaning you away from following rules and showing you how to apply them for yourself. I think it may take a little bit more effort now though because I must figure out my meal plans myself. Maybe I’ll talk with my mother about this because she’s been on the plan for a few months now. In any case, I have the tools to make this successful. I have discovered I am allergic to almonds and sensitive to gluten. These are definitely good tools to move forward with.


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