Day 22 Stepping out on my own


Well today is the first day of forever and also the first day of my own plan! It went well I think and I decided to test tomatoes! It smelled like an Italian kitchen again which was great!!!!

I ate an egg and half a pear for breakfast because I still hadn’t made any flax granola. Luckily, that has been remedied now. I also passed my kefir test which means I can add that into the breakfast rotation. I lost 10.6 lbs total if I’m counting this morning’s weigh in. Not bad for the first 20 days! It does divide out to an average of half a pound a day!

For lunch I had the last of that spicy chickpea salad (finally!) and some butternut squash soup with sunflower seeds.

Butternut squash soup and chickpea salad

And of course for dinner I had the healthy chicken parmesan (although the parmesan was really manchego) on a bed of mixed greens and the rest of the vegetable timbale. I should add that Aldi was out of the fresh mozzarella this week so I had regular mozzarella with more sodium. I ate unsalted potato chips and homemade guacamole as a snack to counteract that and left salt out of the tomatoes.

Healthy chicken parmesan

The sad looking chicken tenders without the tomato party are my husband’s. He is very picky about how he’ll eat tomato product. Fresh tomatoes are right out!

Healthy chicken parm on mixed greens and vegetable timbale side


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