Wedding Weekend


Well I gained 1.6 pounds after this weekend. Between running out of lettuce and therefore not being able to pre-prepare lunches and the parents coming in/going to a wedding, I found it very hard to stick to my diet. I definitely od’d on the sodium content, but I’m hoping that that’s it and not so much the inflammation. If it’s just water retention it should come off quickly.

I still don’t have lettuce (grocery day is tomorrow!) so for lunch I ate at Wendy’s with my coworkers and had a value salad and a frosty. I had stir-fry with sriracha sauce for dinner.  I didn’t manage to drink enough water today either so I doubt I’ll lose weight tomorrow. In any case, I haven’t totally given up nor do I really have a desire to give up. The food frankly doesn’t taste good enough to gain all the weight back. I like my vegetables now. Tomorrow is a new day, and I’m hoping to begin again. I don’t think I’ll be testing for a while anyway because of my luteal phase. I’ll wait for it to pass so I don’t confuse the data.

Sriracha stir fry


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