New Recipe!


Today was a good plan day. I lost a pound which was an excellent way to start the day. I had kefir, blueberries and flax granola for breakfast. I finally made it to the grocery store for some much needed salad! I made a carrot and beet salad on mixed greens with avocado and pumpkin seeds. That’s a mouthful!

Beet and carrot salad and rye cracker with goat cheese

I continued the theme of avocado with chips and guacamole because it was going bad. Then I had avocado in the tortilla-less soup I made (recipe found here). I am piggy-backing off of the current fad diets to find recipes. I have discovered that gluten-free searches usually turn up with alternative flours and using cauliflower to simulate grain. I would much rather eat my fill of vegetables and enjoy what I can have than find ways to “cheat gluten.” Paleo and Whole 30 recipes seem much more feasible and in line with the spirit of the plan.Tomorrow I plan on getting spaghetti squash and turning one of my beloved pasta recipes into something I can eat…with a salad of course.

Tortilla-less soup with avacado

One more exciting thing was that my grocery bill this week was $36 and I only needed to go to Aldi! I didn’t have to buy much produce because I already had a lot leftover which saved me a lot of money. Hopefully, I can limit my trips to Kroger to once a month! That would be phenomenal!


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