Day 41 15 pounds healthier


Today I am testing pork. I got a really good deal on pork chops and I used half for a test. My husband grilled as it is beautiful out here in the south! Hopefully it goes well because they were really tasty!

I have been on this plan for 41 days and I have lost 15 pounds! The last few days I have been decreasing by .2 instead of .5 or more. Maybe I’m reaching my set point. I also got very eager to try recipes on pinterest recently which made me scale back on the veggies because I spent so much time on the main courses. I am trying this week to make better salads and be sure to eat multiple sides in a meal. That is the part that is hardest to stick to. I don’t naturally make a side AND a salad in one meal because I’m only cooking for one other person.

It’s hard to find grain-free breakfasts that aren’t just meat piled onto more meat and fruit. I’m keeping my eyes out for that. Cutting out grain though hasn’t been that hard. I only miss it when it’s offered to me and I have to say no. If I don’t see it then I don’t even miss it. I feel so much better on this diet. I can tell my mastocytosis has improved too! It has faded a lot although it is still there. This has been a very good change in my life.


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  1. Aaaah i’m glad you are doing so well on it!! And you are welcome for introducing…hehe. I need to hire you as my cook so I will stick with it too.

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