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The 20 days (again)

The 20 days (again)

I’ve had so much success with this plan that my husband is actually wanting to do his own plan. We’re starting the 20 days again! I’m prepping for it now with some spicy coco sauce and carrot and ginger soup. I’ve lost 21 pounds on this diet. That’s waaay more than I expected. It’s possible that with the restart I could lose even more. I was even able to eat lasagna one night and a sandwich the next day without reacting. I’m hoping that this time around I pass bread. We’ll see what happens.

I’ve done pretty well eating plan style, but I know that I ate more veggies and salads during the 20 days. It will be good to go back to a set menu so that I can remember all of the guidelines. I think that my moods have leveled out a little as well. When I find myself in a bad mood I have a bit more self-control and I can talk myself down. I have fewer mood swings and I have notice an increase in my luteal phase which means my fertility has been increased!