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I live in an apt and this is my journey of making my apt my home!

DIY Coffee Bag Headboard


I am not really good about taking pictures of every step so to see my inspiration click here. While hubby was building the frame (we checked the measurements, but the tutorial you see is for a queen bed which is what we have), I was busy sewing the burlap sacks together. I opened up one coffee bag so that the front and back were flat. I checked the measurements and discovered that while the length was more than enough to overlap on both sides, I needed a bit more width. I cut a second burlap sack and attached it on the right. I sewed wrong sides together for the seam and used the triple seam on the machine. (it sews each stitch 3 times before moving on to the next stitch). I read another blog on working with burlap and it was suggested that this type of project would need a backing so that the batting didn’t come through the loose weave of the burlap. I have also seen a tutorial for a headboard that used the canvas painter’s cloth as a cheap fabric to cover their headboard. I decided to buy canvas drop cloth from home depot which ended up being about $12 and I have a toooon leftover. I measured and cut it and then sewed it to the back. I wasn’t worried about these seams or how it would look so you can see the seams around the edges. It was all stapled to the back of the headboard anyway.

Sewn Burlap sacks

Hubby made a frame like the one from the first tutorial by gluing (with regular wood glue) the 2x2s onto the plywood (which home depot cut for us). He clamped each plank with three clamps (he just used the same clamps for each one and let them dry before gluing the next piece). He then drilled tiny holes into the plywood and attached screws to the back. He then measured the holes for the bolts, marked it and drilled through the 2x2s. This is where it got tricky because we built this inside of our apt. We had leftover wood from the 2x2s being cut down to size. He put a plank underneath the one he was drilling. Once he got through the first wood he stopped! No accidents yay!

batting foam and fabric Burlap on top of batting on top of foam

We bought a roll of 2″ foam from Hobby Lobby. We had to cut off the the end and add it to the bottom of the frame. Once all of the upholstery was done though, you couldn’t tell. I had leftover batting from Joann Fabrics for another project and we just cut off a little more than we needed to cover the frame. With all of those layers on we lifted up the legs so we could begin stapling the sides. We made sure to pull the fabric from the top of the headboard (the part closest to the ground while we were stapling) underneath and stapled each side alternately so that it would be taut. We cut a small slit at an angle on the parts that wrapped around the post and then stapled everything onto the 2×2. It was kind of like wrapping a gift. We then worked on stapling the bottom and the top. Making sure to pull everything as tightly as possible!

Here is the end project! Made for less than $100 in an apartment! Not bad! It took a few weeks from start to finish so don’t sweat it if you can’t do it right away. There is a lot to the project and of course we had to make 3 trips to Home Depot before we got everything we needed 😀 It’s also a bit flimsy and I’m worried that the wood will split if we bump it too much. We have a bit of leftover plywood that is cut to the right width and is about a foot in height. Hubby may glue that to the frame to give it a bit more stability at the bottom. The entire thing is held up only by 2x2s after all!

Coffee sack headboardFinished product


3- 2×2 boards

1- plywood (cut measurements 33″x60″)

3- C clamps

wood glue


9-15- 1 1/2″screws

4- 1/2″ bolts with nuts and washers

Staple gun and staples

2″ foam


2 coffee sacks

Cloth dropcloth

sewing machine

tape measurer

Scissors (to cut the foam)