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The 20 days (again)

The 20 days (again)

I’ve had so much success with this plan that my husband is actually wanting to do his own plan. We’re starting the 20 days again! I’m prepping for it now with some spicy coco sauce and carrot and ginger soup. I’ve lost 21 pounds on this diet. That’s waaay more than I expected. It’s possible that with the restart I could lose even more. I was even able to eat lasagna one night and a sandwich the next day without reacting. I’m hoping that this time around I pass bread. We’ll see what happens.

I’ve done pretty well eating plan style, but I know that I ate more veggies and salads during the 20 days. It will be good to go back to a set menu so that I can remember all of the guidelines. I think that my moods have leveled out a little as well. When I find myself in a bad mood I have a bit more self-control and I can talk myself down. I have fewer mood swings and I have notice an increase in my luteal phase which means my fertility has been increased!


Day 41 15 pounds healthier


Today I am testing pork. I got a really good deal on pork chops and I used half for a test. My husband grilled as it is beautiful out here in the south! Hopefully it goes well because they were really tasty!

I have been on this plan for 41 days and I have lost 15 pounds! The last few days I have been decreasing by .2 instead of .5 or more. Maybe I’m reaching my set point. I also got very eager to try recipes on pinterest recently which made me scale back on the veggies because I spent so much time on the main courses. I am trying this week to make better salads and be sure to eat multiple sides in a meal. That is the part that is hardest to stick to. I don’t naturally make a side AND a salad in one meal because I’m only cooking for one other person.

It’s hard to find grain-free breakfasts that aren’t just meat piled onto more meat and fruit. I’m keeping my eyes out for that. Cutting out grain though hasn’t been that hard. I only miss it when it’s offered to me and I have to say no. If I don’t see it then I don’t even miss it. I feel so much better on this diet. I can tell my mastocytosis has improved too! It has faded a lot although it is still there. This has been a very good change in my life.

Food Hangover


We went to a Super Bowl party on Sunday night. I ate gluten free pepperoni pizza, tortilla chips and buffalo chicken dip. Everything was delicious, but I paid so dearly for it. Part of the problem I think was overeating. I am very used to eating what my body actually needs to sustain itself so eating more was a huge issue for my body to deal with. I also had gluten. Apparently, certain brands of ranch has gluten in it. So do communion crackers and delicious shortbread cookies.

The list of foods and their effects could go on forever, but in the morning what was certain was that I had heartburn for the first time in a very long time and also that I had gained a pound and a half. I ate friendly foods the next day and still gained half a pound. Today, I had a headache. It could be sinuses, dehydration as I didn’t space out my liquids well or it could have been a detox headache. I guess only time will tell. One thing is for certain though–this is a sustainable diet. Even my husband who mostly just eats dinner with me and drinks half his body weight in water wanted to be more in tune with what he is eating. He has realized that even though pizza is one of his favorite foods, tomatoes don’t agree. He wants to avoid red sauce pizza much more now that he has experienced his own “Food hangover.”

On a cheeri-er note, I took a picture of dinner which was a stir fry and chicken.

Vegetable Stir-Fry with Chicken and Sriracha

I made extra chicken and then turned it into a Chicken and Avocado salad for tomorrow’s lunch. I left out the mayo because I don’t like it and haven’t tested it. I only used one portion of chicken so I used 1.5 avocados and I added a jalapeño pepper just because.

Chicken and Avocado Salad

Experimenting with old recipes


I lost .4 lbs yesterday so I would say tomatoes definitely passed. I’m also very glad that I had so much avocado yesterday! I looked at the sodium content for the chicken broth and it was unbelievable! 1 cup of broth is about 20% of daily value! I guess that rules out any possibility of a chicken noodle-less soup. Between the broth and the celery I think I would hit my daily limit!

Omlet Plan

This morning I made a delicious omelet! My husband is a pro at making them and I guess I learned a thing or two from watching him. It had kale, mushrooms and herb goat cheese in it. I also cooked it in coconut oil because Aldi sells that now!

For lunch I knew that I was not having an animal protein for dinner so I decided to go ahead and eat the chicken tortilla-less soup. I had a salad with blueberries and pumpkin seeds. I made a vinaigrette that I modified from a recipe book. 1/4 a cup of olive oil, 1/4 cup of apple cider, 3 tbsp of apple cider vinegar and 1 clove of garlic. (the original recipe called for mustard too, but I haven’t tested that yet.)

Tortilla-less soup and blueberry salad

Dinner was a new take on an old fave. My husband loved the recipe and I realized that with a few changes I could make it for myself too! I substituted spaghetti squash for pasta (for me). I didn’t eat any bacon, but I did use bacon grease for sauteing the onions and mushrooms. I used manchego instead of parmesan (although I would have been fine with parmesan). I plan on making spaghetti squash pad thai tomorrow when my husband is in class and therefore not eating with me :D. I think this is the fun part which is finding exciting and delicious recipes that fit my body’s requirements and my family’s preferences.

Spaghetti squash carbonara Spaghetti squash cooked the right way

I read a blog post which talked about the right way to cook spaghetti squash. Apparently, the spaghetti is in rings so when you cut the squash in half length wise it essentially cuts the rings into halves.

New Recipe!


Today was a good plan day. I lost a pound which was an excellent way to start the day. I had kefir, blueberries and flax granola for breakfast. I finally made it to the grocery store for some much needed salad! I made a carrot and beet salad on mixed greens with avocado and pumpkin seeds. That’s a mouthful!

Beet and carrot salad and rye cracker with goat cheese

I continued the theme of avocado with chips and guacamole because it was going bad. Then I had avocado in the tortilla-less soup I made (recipe found here). I am piggy-backing off of the current fad diets to find recipes. I have discovered that gluten-free searches usually turn up with alternative flours and using cauliflower to simulate grain. I would much rather eat my fill of vegetables and enjoy what I can have than find ways to “cheat gluten.” Paleo and Whole 30 recipes seem much more feasible and in line with the spirit of the plan.Tomorrow I plan on getting spaghetti squash and turning one of my beloved pasta recipes into something I can eat…with a salad of course.

Tortilla-less soup with avacado

One more exciting thing was that my grocery bill this week was $36 and I only needed to go to Aldi! I didn’t have to buy much produce because I already had a lot leftover which saved me a lot of money. Hopefully, I can limit my trips to Kroger to once a month! That would be phenomenal!

Wedding Weekend


Well I gained 1.6 pounds after this weekend. Between running out of lettuce and therefore not being able to pre-prepare lunches and the parents coming in/going to a wedding, I found it very hard to stick to my diet. I definitely od’d on the sodium content, but I’m hoping that that’s it and not so much the inflammation. If it’s just water retention it should come off quickly.

I still don’t have lettuce (grocery day is tomorrow!) so for lunch I ate at Wendy’s with my coworkers and had a value salad and a frosty. I had stir-fry with sriracha sauce for dinner.  I didn’t manage to drink enough water today either so I doubt I’ll lose weight tomorrow. In any case, I haven’t totally given up nor do I really have a desire to give up. The food frankly doesn’t taste good enough to gain all the weight back. I like my vegetables now. Tomorrow is a new day, and I’m hoping to begin again. I don’t think I’ll be testing for a while anyway because of my luteal phase. I’ll wait for it to pass so I don’t confuse the data.

Sriracha stir fry

Day 22 Stepping out on my own


Well today is the first day of forever and also the first day of my own plan! It went well I think and I decided to test tomatoes! It smelled like an Italian kitchen again which was great!!!!

I ate an egg and half a pear for breakfast because I still hadn’t made any flax granola. Luckily, that has been remedied now. I also passed my kefir test which means I can add that into the breakfast rotation. I lost 10.6 lbs total if I’m counting this morning’s weigh in. Not bad for the first 20 days! It does divide out to an average of half a pound a day!

For lunch I had the last of that spicy chickpea salad (finally!) and some butternut squash soup with sunflower seeds.

Butternut squash soup and chickpea salad

And of course for dinner I had the healthy chicken parmesan (although the parmesan was really manchego) on a bed of mixed greens and the rest of the vegetable timbale. I should add that Aldi was out of the fresh mozzarella this week so I had regular mozzarella with more sodium. I ate unsalted potato chips and homemade guacamole as a snack to counteract that and left salt out of the tomatoes.

Healthy chicken parmesan

The sad looking chicken tenders without the tomato party are my husband’s. He is very picky about how he’ll eat tomato product. Fresh tomatoes are right out!

Healthy chicken parm on mixed greens and vegetable timbale side